5 Things you must do for your First Danville Half Marathon


Well, the Danville Marathon isn’t too far away. With the race taking place every year in the month of May those looking to get fit and win it this year it’s about time you get off the couch and get running.

This marathon is about 10k long and though shorter than most half marathons still requires plenty of effort and skills to overcome the inclines and declines throughout the course. So here are few tips to help you get started.

A strong base is a must

No, a 5-week training guide won’t get you across the finish line. To compete in any half marathon you’ll need to train well for at least 10-15 weeks considering you already have a good running base of about 4-5 miles. I’d recommend getting a rowing machine, if you’re not sure then read the review of C2 rowers.

Not having a strong base will require you to put in the extra effort and time raising the risk of an injury resulting from over-training.

Quality of your runs matter

Running 10s and 100s of miles isn’t the solution to your training here. It only leaves you injury prone and exhausted. HIIT runs or Tempo runs are the runs you should do 3-4 days in a week to build both strength and speed.

On other days focus on short 4-5 mile runs done at a slower speed. These runs are important to maintain pace and yet provide the body enough time to recover from the hard tempo runs. Learn more about tempo runs below.


Take rest seriously

I know the most emphasis is always on the training and rest simply seems like putting on the brakes unnecessarily but trust my rest is a brake that’s necessary. To get back up and running your body needs to heal which only happens when you rest.

Any feeling of exhaustion, lack of strength or willpower is a result of lack of rest. Over-training can result in a long layoff so take rest seriously.

Join a group

Now you can either hire a coach who is training a group or you can find a couple of friends with similar goals to help you train better. Training in a group can often help you take it up a notch as you feel less tired and more motivated.

You’re more likely to be up and ready for the morning runs when you have bunch guys waiting for you plus you’re more likely to never have a dull moment when in a group.


Know the track well

Irrespective of whether it’s the Danville Half marathon or any other the basic of research work you need to do is mostly about the course.  Find out where the course gets tough, places where the water stands are located etc.

Most details are available on the marathons official site. So make sure you check it out few days prior to the race. Half the race is won with the right planning.