Danville Half Marathon has been a successful event for the past 5 years and has each year grown from strength to strength. At danvillehalfmarathon.com our aim is to provide you with all the latest updates and news related to the event but that’s not all.

One of our goals is to also educate the newbie runners about marathons by providing them the right nutritional tips, running guide etc. and we welcome you to contribute to it.

Our aim isn’t to advertise individuals or brands, products etc. or neither to spark conflicts. We’re looking for content that is original, tackles issues and speaks about the latest trends, news etc. emerging from the world of running.

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Content Details

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The content piece should be unique. Plagiarism must be avoided

We love ‘how to’ articles but tips and tricks and guides etc. are acceptable too.

Be bold, be unique, make the content interesting and make sure you get your facts right and mention sources where appropriate.

Guidelines to Follow

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How to submit your post

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