Everything you need to know about the Danville Half Marathon


Danville, often referred to as the suburb of San Francisco is a place perfectly situated amongst the beautiful mountains of Northern California and this is a runner’s delight. It’s one the richest suburbs in the country and is home to someone famous destinations such as Mount Diablo in the east to Las Trampas Hills in the west.

The Danville half marathon is 10k run and in my opinion one of the best ways to enjoy the scenic beauty. This year the marathon took place in the month of May and had thousands of racers from across the country.

The Course

The race begins near the Saints Church and the route then follows the Iron Horse Regional Trail. It’s an 18-20 feet wide trail and covers around 10-11 towns in the area. One of these places is an old abandoned railway line which is then followed by a slightly smoother, the paved road usually used by joggers, bikers and morning runners.

While you’ll come across few other neighborhoods too most of the race takes place along the Iron Horse trail which becomes slightly steep near to the turnaround part of the course, very close to the Danville Boulevard.


Once you turnaround you follow the same path back to the finish line. Keep in mind that the initial stages of the race have a slight decline and a slight incline midway through the race so prep for both when training.

Pit stops or refreshment stands are provided every 2-3 miles and you can grab onto either water or a sports drink and some snacks. Also, trail guides will be available to guide you on the right path.

Weather Conditions

The race generally takes place in the month of May. During this month Danville experiences a pleasant temperature though it does get a little dry. The cool temperature makes the race more enjoyable and also lowers need for breaks thus helping you focus better on the race. Expect temperatures to be around 60-70F.

Other Details

You’ll find spectators throughout most of the race. The winners will be awarded not only the elusive winner’s medal but also a t-shirt. Even the losers have something to look forward to. Each participant will be provided with fruits and muffins to munch on across the finish line.


The race usually begins around 8 am. For more details do not forget to check out the races official website www.danvillemarathon.com. Let us know what your preparation plans are for next year’s Danville Half Marathon and how you enjoyed this year’s race in the comments section below.