5 Reasons I love half marathon


Running has always been my first love since a young age but I only recently ran my first half marathon and I would suggest everyone do it at least once. Half marathons are slightly shorter and thus easier to prepare but it’s no walk in the park either.


In case you are still not sure here are some reason I why I loved my first half marathon and so will you.

It’s tough yet manageable

Yes, I agree half marathons don’t yet have the appeal or hype of a marathon but like I mentioned above these tend to be shorter and thus are manageable. You won’t be spending 8-10 months simply training.

While a half marathon does require its share of blood and sweat it won’t consume your life. Training 2-3 hours in a day should be good enough even for newbies.

It prepared me for a full marathon

Not running a full marathon yet is probably the best decision you could make since it’s not only time consuming but requires tons of effort on your part and putting too much effort too soon can leave you injury prone and exhausted.

Continuous training for half marathon will ultimately prepare you for the big race since it makes the transition from 13 to 20 miles easier. Increase both speed and distance as your muscle strength and lung capacity increase.

Faster recovery and fewer injury chances

A runner’s worst nightmare is an injury and most injuries happen not on race day but during the course of training amongst which over-training remains the biggest factor but since you won’t be logging the same amount of miles chances of a long-term injury reduces significantly.

Also, recovery is an important aspect of every runner and recovery is going to be much faster from a 13-mile race than a 26-mile marathon.


I had plenty of race options

Believe it or not, in the last 5-6 years the number of half marathons taking place has increased significantly and is soon going to be one of the most popular race forms amongst runners. In the US you can find one on pretty much every weekend. So stop looking for silly excuses and sign up for one today itself.

It’s a party

Well if you love to party then this is exactly the race you want to be in. What most of you may not know is that at the end of each half marathon is a party waiting. These post-race parties with the high beat music are the best way to recover.

Some of these races also offer free post-race wine tasting, now doesn’t that sound ideal? I am sure that’s motivating enough to get off the couch and get training.

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